President: Talks outcome not what we had hoped for, but security and guarantees issues defined as the key topic

Cyprus President Nicos Anastasiades has said that the outcome of the Crans Montana UN talks may have not been the desired one, however he pointed out that at the Swiss resort we managed to place the issues of guarantees and security as the key topic.

UN backed talks in the Swiss resort took place between June 28-July 7 but failed to produce any concrete result.

Speaking on Monday evening during the unveiling of a Resistance and Democracy Monument, the President said during the talks in Switzerland we achieved to put the core issues of the Cyprus problem at the centre of the negotiations.

If we manage to get rid of the Turkish occupying troops and terminate Turkey’s influence on the Turkish Cypriot community, we can live peacefully as we have done in the past, he added.

The President referred to paying the price for irrational behaviour, in an apparent reference to the 15 of July coup against the legal government of Cyprus, but hastened to add that Cyprus is a truly independent country.

He said he attaches great importance to the efforts underway by all political parties to help create the conditions to reach a solution based on the acquis communautaire, that will terminate the presence of the occupying forces and the rights of guarantee.

President Anastasiades pledged once again that he is ready to return to the negotiating table and continue the efforts to achieve the conditions that will lead to a solution to end Turkey’s occupation and reunite the country, for the benefit of all its citizens, Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots.

He pointed out that having a modern and powerful state in which citizens prosper enables us to engage into a more effective negotiation without any commitments and dependencies on third parties.

President Anastasiades also referred to all those who sacrificed their lives grantIng the next generations the right to struggle for freedom.

He expressed his gratitude to the Cyprus House of Representatives and the Hellenic Parliament for their cooperation, something which made possible the return to Cyprus of classified files on the 1974 military coup on July 15, engineered by the Greek junta then ruling Greece. Five days later Turkey launched its invasion against Cyprus.

He said that the Monument of Resistance and Freedom is an acknowledgement to all those who have sacrificed their lives and resisted when those who orchestrated the coup detat in Greece wanted to dominate Cyprus, violate every concept of law and democratic principles and every element of respect of human dignity.

A military coup d’ etat on July 15, 1974, planned in Athens, paved the way for the Turkish military invasion five days later and the subsequent division of Cyprus. UN-backed talks aim to reunite Cyprus under a federal roof.

Source: Cyprus News Agency