President says he aims at a Cyprus settlement that brings peace and stability

President of Cyprus Nicos Anastasiades said that the aim is to achieve a solution that brings peace and stability to Cyprus, in line with the acquis communautaire, and creates the necessary conditions for a functioning and lasting state.

Speaking on Friday in Nicosia, after submitting his candidacy for the 2018 presidential elections, the President also referred to the need to avoid concluding a moribund settlement that will collapse immediately after.

Asked about Turkish provocations in Cyprus’ exclusive economic zone, at a time when Italy’s ENI is about to start well drilling, President Anastasiades said he had no intention of commenting on any illegal or unlawful actions that go against international law.

What is important, he went on, is that the Republic of Cyprus implements its energy designs, while exerting its sovereign rights.

I don’t want to pay attention [on this issue] more than it is necessary. We are a sovereign state exerting our sovereign rights. I will stop here the President underlined.

Speaking about his priorities if he gets re-elected for another five-year term, the President said that there has been progress, but there are also significant things that need to be done.

He added that the first priority during his previous term was to restore the credibility of the state and of the financial system, while creating the necessary conditions that led the country eventually to achieving one of the highest growth rates in Europe.

He added that people will decide with their vote who the next President of the Republic will be and said that he will avoid confrontation with other candidates. I want a calm political climate to prevail, with political ethos, that is based precisely on mutual respect, President Anastasiades noted.

He added that each candidate has his own proposals and it is up to the people to decide. The calmer we stay while articulating our political arguments, the more we contribute to the unity the day after the elections, the President noted.

He also said that there are problems that need to be tackled and require cooperation among all.

Asked finally about the top issue that he expects to prevail in 2018, and whether this concerns the Cyprus problem, energy developments or other issues, President Anastasiades said he expected all of these to preoccupy the people. He referred in particular to the settlement of the Cyprus problem, the need to remain alert in the economy, development prospects and completing the country’s energy planning.

Source: Cyprus News Agency