President receives AIPAC leadership, praising upgraded Cyprus – Israel relations

President of the Republic, NicosAnastasiades, praised the close and constantly upgraded relations between Cyprus and Israel, receiving on Monday at the Presidential Palace the leadership and a broad delegation of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC).

A written statement issued by Government Spokesman ProdromosProdromos says that during the meeting the President of the Republic praised the close and upgraded relations between Cyprus and Israel and underlined the prospects of the tripartite cooperation (Cyprus, Israel, Greece), which the US consider as a basic pillar of stability and security in the area.

In addition, the President referred to the possibilities for further strengthening the relations between Cyprus and Israel in many areas, and thanked the AIPAC and the Jewish Diaspora for their positive role in upgrading the Cyprus – US and the Cyprus – Israel relations as well as the four-party cooperation in the region.

During the meeting they discussed about the relations of Cyprus with the Jewish diaspora in the United States, the relations between Cyprus and Israel as well as between Cyprus and the US, the tripartite cooperation between Cyprus, Israel and Greece, energy and regional issues.

It is added that the AIPAC leadership thanked the President for welcoming them to Cyprus as well as for the productive meeting and welcomed the continuously upgraded Cyprus – Israelrelations as well as the prospects of the tripartite cooperation, underlining the importance of extending that cooperation with the participation of the US.

The AIPAC leadership alsothanked President Anastasiades for accepting the invitation to take part in the AIPAC Policy Conference that will take place in March in Washington.

Source: Cyprus News Agency