President raises EU – Pristina relations before European Council, Spokesman says

President of the Republic Nikos Anastasiades has raised the issue of the EU-Pristina relations before the European Council meeting, Government Spokesman ProdromosProdromou said on Friday.

According to a press release by the Presidency, replying to questions from the Serbian News Agency Tanjug, the Government Spokesman said that the Cyprus President has raised at the European Council an issue concerning the close monitoring of the relations between the EU and Pristina in the light of some alarming developments and decisions that are inconsistent with UN resolutions and agreements between the EU and Kosovo.

He added that President Anastasiades said that the Serbian President shared with him, during their recent meeting in Nicosia, concerns about Pristinas intention to establish armed forces without regional consent and in violation of the relevant UN resolutions.

The Spokesman also said that President Anastasiades also raised, during his intervention in the Council, the problem of the additional and excessive taxes imposed by Pristina on imports from Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, taxes that create serious problems to the daily life of the Serbian population in Kosovo.

Concluding, Prodromou said that the European Council has paid particular attention to this matter, while EU High Representative Federica Mogherini informed that she has scheduled a meeting with leaders of the Western Balkans next week to examine the situation.

Source: Cyprus News Agency