President pays tribute to the Foreign Ministry and its contribution to Cyprus

President of Republic Nicos Anastasiades inaugurated today a photographic exhibition titled The Ministry of Foreign Affairs Through the Years, paying tribute to the Ministry’s and its staff’s contribution to Cyprus.

Addressing the opening ceremony, Anastasiades said the history of a Ministry which more than any other Ministry has linked its evolution and work with our state entity and the international recognition that the Republic of Cyprus enjoys.

Therefore, this photo exhibition can only be considered as a small and minimum tribute to the Foreign Ministry and its contribution to our country, he said.

Above all, the President added, is a tribute to the people who have served at the Ministry and represented our country abroad, in foreign countries and international organizations and, of course, to the Ministers who had the political responsibility of the Ministry’s operation.

Without this leadership and this excellent staff, the great successes of our homeland could never materialize, Anastasiades said, noting this exhibition is dedicated to the unseen heroes who are the diplomats and the rest of the staff of our missions abroad.

On his part, Foreign Minister Nikos Christodoulides said the exhibition is not a conventional one, but rather a timeline of the life and action of this Ministry in the service of the Republic of Cyprus and all Cypriots, starting from Independence in 1960 up until the end of 2017.”

With 500 photos from various archives, Christodoulides added, the exhibition It is a visual, historical journey through the milestones in the history of the Republic of Cyprus: from Independence and the establishment of the Foreign Service, to the struggle to defend the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the Republic on the international stage, to the accession of Cyprus to the great family of the EU, and its transformation in recent years into a pillar of peace, security and stability in the broader region of the Eastern Mediterranean and the Middle East, and a bridge between Cyprus’s immediate region and Europe.

The Foreign Ministry has been at the forefront of developments throughout this period and has played an active and instrumental role in shaping the destiny of Cyprus, Christodoulides, a former career diplomat himself said.

Source: Cyprus News Agency