President of the Hellenic Republic and Greek FM call on Turkey to respect International Law

Greece is determined to defend the international and European law, President of the Hellenic Republic Prokopis Pavlopoulos and Greek Foreign Minister Giorgos Katrougalos, reiterated commenting on Turkey’s illegal and provocative actions in Cyprus Exclusive Economic Zone.

Pavlopoulos and Katrougalos were addressing the graduation ceremony of the Class of Embassy Attache Candidates which took place Wednesday at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The Greek President stressed that the International and the European Law are being challenged today by the Turkish actions in Cyprus’ EEZ. Greece will not tolerate these illegal actions, which violate the Law of the Sea, codified in the Montego Bay Convention, he noted. Would Greece have tolerated these arbitrary actions of Turkey, a very dangerous precedent would have been set thus paving the way for other countries to expressed similar aspirations, Pavlopoulos argued.

Furthermore Pavlopoulos reiterated Greece’s commitment in a solution to the Cyprus problem the soonest, stressing however that there are certain preconditions, and these are the withdrawal of the occupation troops and the abolition of third-party guarantees. A solution to the Cyprus Problem must be aligned with the total respect of the sovereignty of the Republic of Cyprus, defined in the Article 4 of the Treaty of the European Union � a sovereignty which is incompatible with the presence of occupation troops and with third-party guarantees, Pavlopoulos said.

Pavlopoulos also send a message to Turkey saying that Greece woul defend the International and the European Law against Turkish violations that seek to impose the law of the strongest.

We convey to all our neighbors in the Eastern Mediterranean, and especially to Turkey, the message that we promote friendship, good neighboring relations, and the European perspective of the countries that are not members of the EU, on the condition that they fully and sincerely respect the European and the International Law. This is a necessary precondition for those countries’ European perspective, President Pavlopoulos said.

On his part, Greek Foreign Minister, Giorgos Katrougalos, stressed that the principal pillars of Greece’s foreign policy are the preservation of peace and the respect of the International Law. As he said, geopolitical and regional challenges threaten stability and International Law, creating a complex international environment, in which Greece is called upon to play a positive and creative role.

We are a stable democracy, but we must also represent a wider pole of stability for the region, Greek Foreign Minister said, also noting that the country is now enjoying an upgraded international image.

Source: Cyprus News Agency