Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta says assets acquired through corruption both locally and overseas have been frozen by the government and challenged the Judiciary to fast-track graft cases by reducing and eliminating what he described as frivolous exploitation of legal technicalities to defeat the cause of justice.

Delivering his third State of the Nation Address to Parliament here Thursday, he said the Administration had traced and was in the process of obtaining billions of cash acquired through fraud.

He warned that there would be no sacred cows as efforts to banish the demons of corruption intensified, pointing out that Kenyans were justified in demanding from the Judiciary a tightened regime amidst impatience over unwarranted delays.

“I understand the frustrations of those who feel that investigative and court processes have been manipulated by the corrupt in order to escape accountability, and delay and derail justice,” he said.

“The Judiciary has the funding and the requisite leadership. It must therefore play its rightful role. It must not be perceived to be helpless, a bystander, or complacent in this war that is a threat to our development and our security.”

Kenyatta vehemently refuted the narrative that his administration had lost the plot on how to defeat corruption, instead highlighting its commitment to banishing sleaze outside the country’s borders.

“We have enhanced our co-operation with different jurisdictions through mutual legal assistance agreements. This means that hiding the proceeds of corruption will get more difficult, here at home and abroad. We will seek to prosecute the corrupt even if they seek refuge outside our borders,” said the President.

Kenyatta, however, stressed that a definite victory against corruption could only be realized if institutions mandated to prosecute economic crimes delivered on their obligations.

Source: NNN- KBC