President Juncker delivers speech at the ECB Forum on Central Banking in Sintra, Portugal

President Jean-Claude Juncker has delivered a speech this morning at the European Central Bank (ECB) Forum on Central Banking in Sintra, Portugal.

His remarks reflected on his personal experience and the lessons learned over the course of his career building Europe’s Economic and Monetary Union, since the signing of the Maastricht Treaty in 1991 to the euro celebrating its 20th anniversary this year. In his speech, President Jean-Claude Juncker said: The coins and banknotes in our pockets are worth far more than the numbers written on them. They are the tangible symbol of a united Europe that promises peace, protection and prosperity. The only way to honour the legacy of all those who made our success possible is to continue delivering on those promises of our single currency. It has been my life’s work and my great pride to have played a small part in a journey that has a long way to go. The ECB Forum on Central Banking takes place each year in Sintra, Portugal. It brings together central bank governors, academics, policymakers and financial market participants to exchange views on key monetary policy issues. The theme of this year’s conference is 20 years of European Economic and Monetary Union. The text of the speech is available here.

Source: European Commission Representation in Cyprus