President: I will communicate the minutes of the Crans Montana dinner to the Security Council and the EU

Cyprus President Nicos Anastasiades announced here tonight that he has decided, at present, instead of publicising part of the discussions at the July 6th dinner in Crans Montana, to communicate the minutes to all the permanent members of the UN Security Council, to the Council President, and to send a copy of these minutes to the UN Secretary General and the Presidents of the European Council and the European Commission.

President Anastasiades, who issued a written statement on Wednesday evening, also announced that the National Council, the top advisory body to the President on the handling of the Cyprus question, will convene on August 1st to discuss the recent developments.

The President had said a few days ago that he intended to publicise the minutes of the dinner following statements made by UNSG’s Special Adviser Espen Barth Eide, which the Greek Cypriot side says do not reflect what happened at the dinner, which was part of the UN-facilitated peace talks and was attended by the UN Secretary General, in addition to all interested parties.

In the written statement, the President points out that the minutes will be communicated to the Permanent Members of the UN Security Council and the President of the Council. These will also be conveyed to the UN Secretary General, the President of the European Council and the President of the European Commission.

The President says that he took this decision in response to a call made by the UN Secretary General, adding that he is deeply grateful to the SG for his constructive approach and respects diplomatic norms.

He also underlined that continuous selective public statements made by Eide are in total contrast to what Mr Eide explained during a meeting the President had with him on July 24.

All of Mr Eide’s replies (during their private meeting on Monday) were in agreement with what went on in the evening of July 6 in Crans Montana as regards the positions of the Turkish side and the responsibility for the final outcome of the discussion. Eide’s replies were also in line with the minutes that were kept by the Greek Cypriot negotiator Ambassador Andreas Mavroyiannis, President Anastasiades pointed out in his written statement.

The President clarified that during Monday’s meeting, Eide not only congratulated the Greek Cypriot side on the fact that it was the only side which at the Crans Montana talks had put forward specific proposals within the framework of the UN Secretary-General. In addition to that, Eide also pointed out at the same time that the Turkish side did not respond to these proposals at all, either orally or in writing, Anastasiades notes.

At the meeting the President had with the SG’s Special Advisor on July 24, Anastasiades invited him to publicly correct himself and make corrective statements to restore the actual facts in order to put an end to any misconceptions implied through rumours.

Anastasiades also told Eide that he is the only one who refutes what Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu was saying either before the Crans Montana dinner – namely that the Greek Cypriots should wake up from the dream of putting an end to guarantees and intervention rights – or after July 6 when Cavusoglu was saying that the proposal put forward by the Greek Cypriots to end the Treaty of Guarantee and abolish the rights to intervene in Cyprus is a silly proposal which cannot be accepted.

In his written statement the President said that in his meeting with Eide, he asked him whether the proposals he (Anastasiades) submitted on July 5 in Crans Montana were within the framework of the SG, whether they addressed the concerns of the Turkish Cypriots and whether there should be a response from the Turkish side.

The UN SG’s Special Adviser replied to me that I am absolutely right and what I am describing is absolutely true, President Anastasiades says in his statement.

In a question to Eide whether the final position of the Turkish side at the dinner was that the Treaty of Guarantee should be renamed to Treaty of Implementation and that there will be a permanent military presence on the island at a military base, the UN diplomat told the President that his perception was correct, noting that the Turkish side wanted to maintain its presence on the island for wider geopolitical reasons.

Moreover, according to President Anastasiades, in a question (to the Special Advisor), if the UN Secretary General, after the intervention of the Turkish Foreign Minister at the dinner, said that he did not understand correctly the Turkish position on the chapter of Security and Guarantees, Eide said yes.

The President, in his written statement, also noted that when he said that the Turkish FM, during the July 6th dinner, expressed the position that the Guarantee Treaty and the right to intervene should remain for 15 years with a review clause Mr Eide replied that this is valid and is also written down in the minutes the UN have taken.

President Anastasiades reiterated his call on the Turkish government to confirm whether what Eide claims is the truth.

If the Turkish government does that, the President said, I declare in no uncertain terms that I am ready to continue the efforts at the negotiating table, just as I said at a press conference on July 10.

UN-peace talks at the Swiss resort of Crans-Montana took place between June 28-July 6 but failed to reach any fruitful results.

The talks, under the auspices of the UN, aim at reuniting Cyprus, divided since the 1974 Turkish invasion, under a federal roof.

Source: Cyprus News Agency