President calls for unity as the State honours those killed in defence of the Republic

Cypriot President called for unity among political parties, as the state honoured those killed in defence of the Republic during the military coup d’ etat in July 15, 1974 which paved the way for the Turkish military invasion five days later and the subsequent division of Cyprus.

On this day forty three years ago, the Greek military junta, then ruling Greece, toppled the democratically elected President of Cyprus, the late Archbishop Makarios III. The coup provided Turkey with a pretext to launch an invasion and occupation of the islands northern third.

Today is day of shame, a black page in our history, a day of treachery by the military Junta of Athens, which with no doubt left scars that endure until this day through the division of our country, President Anastasiades said in statements following a memorial service held earlier today.

What history teaches is that through unity we should give struggles necessary in unison with a common aim to rid our country from the occupying troops, reunification and peaceful cohabitation with our Turkish Cypriot compatriots, Anastasiades concluded.

Source: Cyprus News Agency