President: Authorities are making every effort to locate four-year old abducted girl

President of the Republic Nicos Anastasiades has assured that the Cypriot authorities are making every possible effort to locate the four-year old girl, who was kidnapped almost a month ago as her mother was delivering her to her nursery in Nicosia.

The girl is said to be at an unknown location with her Norwegian father, who is the prime suspect for the abduction. A European arrest warrant has already been issued for his arrest and he has been placed on the stop list.

The President received on Thursday a delegation of women, who submitted a petition, on the occasion of the International Missing Childrens Day.

The delegation, comprising Antigoni Papadopoulou, former MEP, MPs Stella Kyriakidou and Skevi Koukouma, former MPs Lia Georgiadou, Roulla Mavronikola and President of the International Organisation Women Without Borders, Sophia Georgalla.

The President of the Republic said that he fully understands this humanitarian problem and pledged that everything will be done to locate the child.

In its petition, the delegation asks the President to get personally involved in the case and calls on the Parliament to closely monitor developments and condemn the unprecedented kidnapping to the Council of Europe, the EU, the European Parliament, the Parliament of Norway and other fora.

It is also noted that due to the Turkish occupation of Cyprus’ northern areas, there should be international and European solidarity, so that through the actions of the EU, the UN, UNICEF and Interpol and bicommunal organisations, immediate reaction mechanisms are found in order to be able to arrest criminals who flee to the occupied areas. There must also exist mechanisms to protect the children who fall victims.

Checks at the crossing points dividing the southern government controlled part of the island from the Turkish occupied north have indicated that neither the father, nor the child have crossed to the occupied areas or left the government controlled areas of the Republic through the legal ports of entry or airports.

Source: Cyprus News Agency