President announces new projects for Larnaka district

President of the Republic Nicos Anastasiades announced on Friday new projects for the Larnaka District with the estimated value amounting to 70,5 million euro.

The President, accompanied by members of his Cabinet, visited the coastal town of Larnaka where he presided over a meeting with the participation of Ministers, Mayors, Members of Parliament and government officials, during which he examined the progress of the government projects announced two years ago and proceeded to the announcement of new ones, including road construction works and new schools.

The total state funds for Larnaka between 2013 and 17 reach 228 million euro, he said.

In addition, he announced that the Council of Ministers has decided that the government undertakes the repayment of the guaranteed loans of the Local Authorities for a total amount of Euros 185.3 million for all municipalities.

As regards the port and marina of Larnaka, he announced that the tender for their development and commercial exploitation has entered its second phase, while already three leading companies were announced to proceed to the next stage of the tender.

He expressed hope that in the coming days a legal problem that arose as a result of the appeal of an unsuccessful tenderer will be solved.

The President said he expects significant benefits from the implementation of the Larnaka port and marina project, especially in the tourism sector.

He also referred to the relocation of the petroleum and gas facilities from “one of the most attractive beaches in the district,” noting that in May 2017, the dismantling of the liquid fuel tanks of the Cyprus Organisation for Storage and Management of of Oil was completed.

The problem which remains, he added, is the demolition and relocation of the private companies, “which I have to admit, they themselves understand the need to move their facilities” and most of them have already prepared their plans to build facilities (land and sea ones) in the Energy and Industrial Area at Vasilikos.

The President said that in order to assist the relocation, the Government proceeds with the first phase of the road network of the new Vassilikos Energy and Industrial Area, with a total cost of 17.5 million euro. Construction works will commence in the beginning of 2018.

Concluding, he said that the government will proceed with its decision to create university schools in Larnaka, while studies continue for the establishment of an Oceanographic Center and the School of Marine Sciences and the School of Marine Archeology of the University of Cyprus.

Source: Cyprus News Agency