President and Akinci will bring forward proposal to unlock the negotiations, Government Spokesman says

The President of the Republic, Nikos Anastasiades and the leader of the Turkish Cypriot community, M. Akinci, are expected to bring forward views and ideas on how to proceed with the resolution of the Cyprus issue, at the forthcoming meeting announced yesterday, Government Spokesman Prodromos Prodromos told the Press this morning in Brussels.

Asked about the forthcoming meeting with Akinci on October 26th, the Government Spokesman stressed that: “It is a meeting without an agenda” and the focus of interest is “on the fact that immediately afterwards, in November, consultations with the special adviser to the Secretary-General Lute will resume.”

He also noted that “Mrs Lute will visit Cyprus in the first days of November, so in this meeting with Mr. Akinci and the President of the Republic will have the opportunity to table issues, openly, and freely, on how they think they can contribute to the resumption of negotiations .”

He finally stressed that “the President of the Republic, from the first moment of his re-election, was open to re-launching the dialogue with the Turkish Cypriot side”, noting that “with Mr Akinci, we had a meeting in April”, saying that “it is important that in this meeting now, the two leaders will have the opportunity to come up with ideas on how they think the negotiation may go forward. “

“We believe that the negotiation can begin as soon as possible, when of course there is proper preparation and that is why we look forward to the consultations with Mrs Lute will.”

Moreover, according to Prodromou, the President of the Republic today held bilateral meetings with the Prime Minister of Japan Prime Minister of China, Prime Minister of Norway, the President of Kazakhstan and Deputy Prime Minister of Vietnam, “promoting bilateral relations and prospects” and ” also informing them about our efforts to resolve the Cyprus issue and the role played by Cyprus in the Eastern Mediterranean and the system of European relations”.

Furthermore, during his speech at the ASEM Summit, the President made a statement on the issue of connectivity in todays world.

As Prodromou explains, the meeting of the EU Asian Countries organized following the European Council meeting in Brussels, focuses on “strengthening the multilateral system of relations and diplomacy, and of course the development of EU – Asian system and Partnership the big issues that concern the world today.” At the same time there is a separate thematic discussion titled “Building the Future Together “, on the promotion of “overall economic growth but also of sustainable connectivity,” Prodromos Prodromou noted.

Source: Cyprus News Agency