President Anastasiades will inform the EU27 in Sibiu Summit on latest developments in the EEZ, EU official says

The President of the Republic of Cyprus, Nikos Anastasiades, in consultation with the President of the European Council, Donald Tusk and following a decision by the Sherpas (representatives) of Heads of State and Government (who met yesterday in Brussels), will officially inform the EU leaders at the Sibiu summit on the latest developments in the exclusive economic zone (EEZ).

Senior EU official, who officially briefed the press today in Brussels on the Thursday leaders session, informed CNA that “we will clearly have to expect something on developments in the Cypriot EEZ”. He also said that yesterday at the Sherpas meeting the EU27 were informed and it was decided that President Anastasiades will be deliver a speech during the Summit and will inform his counterparts on the state of play until then, and secondly, what exactly he thinks will happen in the future.

“On Saturday, Mogherini issued a statement on the matter and not surprised that President Tusks office and President Tusk himself were involved in writing and preparing the announcement,” the senior EU official recalled.

Source: Cyprus News Agency