President Anastasiades visits Cyprus’ Permanent Representation to the EU

Cyprus President NicosAnastasiades visited today the Permanent Representation of the Republic of Cyprus to the European Union, and thanked the staff for their contribution during the past five years in promoting government positions.

The President is in Brussels to participate in the European Council, the Eurozone Summit and the Article 50 Summit on the United Kingdoms withdrawal from the EU.

The President praised the staff for being conscientious and for communicating the positions of Cyprus to the EU institutions and to their interlocutors. He also referred to their role in efforts to overcome the impressions created at the beginning of the economic crisis.

“Being at the end of a five-year term, I felt the need to thank you because we have shared stress and problems as a result of the economic crisis,” the President said.

“Certainly government planning is always important, but, especially in the sensitive capital of Europe, if there were not enough of our capable executives to support government efforts and gradually overcome any impression people here had for us that was also very important,” he pointed out addressing the staff.

“That is why I felt the need, apart from the other times I have seen you, at the end of this current five-year term, to thank you for your significant contribution to the efforts we have made and that which we have achieved today,” the President noted.

He also noted that everybody, irrespective of his or her political affiliation, has worked diligently for Cyprus, thus contributing to the overall effort to promote Cyprus’ interests.

The President extended good wishes to all the members of the staff, expressing hope for a better 2018 for everybody, for all of Cyprus and for Europe of course.

Welcoming the President, the Permanent Representative to the EU, Ambassador Nicholas Emiliou, thanked him for his personal interest in the Permanent Representation and also the interest his government has shown over the past five years in order to strengthen the work of the Permanent Representation all this time.

Source: Cyprus News Agency