President Anastasiades stresses determination to continue Cyprus dialogue

Turkey’s persistence in the continuation of the anachronistic system of guarantees and the permanent presence of occupation troops in the Republic of Cyprus, led the latest effort for a solution of the Cyprus problem into a stalemate, President of Cyprus Nicos Anastasiades has said, stressing his determination to continue the dialogue.

Speaking Thursday evening at an event held at the Presidential Palace for the condemnation of the Turkish invasion against Cyprus in 1974, President Anastasiades said that a modern country, which is a full EU member state and member of the UN, does not need the anachronistic system of guarantees, nor the presence of foreign troops on its land.

What we need, he added, is mutual respect and understanding of the concerns of the two communities.

Referring to the Conference on Cyprus, that took place 28 June � 7 July 2017 in the Swiss resort of Crans Montana, the President said that he undertook great efforts towards the goal of achieving a solution of the Cyprus issue, and noted that the effort “has highlighted the core of the problem in Cyprus, the source of insecurity, which is no other than the presence of the occupying troops.”

Noting that the outcome of the Crans Montana Conference was not satisfactory, he said that despite the Greek Cypriot side’s good will, unfortunately, Turkey and the leadership of our Turkish Cypriot compatriots did not want to understand the legitimate concerns and the just claims of the Greek Cypriots.

“The persistence in the continuation of the anachronistic system of guarantees and the permanent presence of occupation troops led the whole effort once again into a stalemate”, the President stressed.

It is the first time, he noted, that we managed our positions to be adopted in a negotiating framework of the UNSG, a framework that provides for the abolition of guarantees and intervention rights and the termination of Cyprus, a country member of the EU and the UN, being held hostage.

Crans Montana, he said, was yet another milestone in our long path to reach a solution of the Cyprus problem and it is not the end of the road, as some claim, in order to avoid their responsibilities.

“We reiterate our determination and we are ready to continue the dialogue. What is required is good preparation and a change of mentality and positions on behalf of Turkey and those of our Turkish Cypriot compatriots who insist on being part of Turkey and at the same time co-participants in the governance of the country “, he added.

The President said that 43 years after the Turkish invasion against the Republic of Cyprus, a part of our country mourns while another part celebrates.

We mourn the dead, the missing, the homes, the worship places, the monuments of our cultural heritage. Some of our compatriots and mainly Turkey, celebrate because under the pretext of restoring constitutional order, it invaded and displaced 167,000 Greek Cypriots, murdered thousands, left more than 1,500 missing persons, while it continues with the presence of 40,000 troops to illegally occupy 37% of the territory of the Republic of Cyprus.

Ankara, he added, continues to violate all UN resolutions, all decisions of the European Court of Human Rights and all principles of international law. He also referred to the events prior the Turkish invasion and the coup d’ etat of the Greek Junta.

He clarified that his references to those compatriots celebrating, or to Turkey’s intransigent stance, are not meant to create feelings of hatred between the two communities, “but to respond to those from the Turkish or Turkish Cypriot side, who claim that they feel unsafe. The answer is no other than the security that a just, viable and functional solution can offer”.

A solution, he said, that will allow us, on the basis of what has been agreed upon, to create a modern state that respects the human rights of all, that will care above all for the well-being of its citizens and not for serving the interests of any third country.

Referring to the Turkish Cypriots, he said that the benefits of a Cyprus solution will be felt by all. For the Greek Cypriots, he added, the main concern is security and a just solution, for the Turkish Cypriots is becoming a legitimate entity that will safeguard and secure its existence in perpetuity.

“I believe that the proposals we submitted over time, but also in the context of the Crans Montana negotiations, give answers to their own concerns as well’ he concluded.

The Republic of Cyprus has been divided by Turkish troops since 1974. The latest round of the UN-backed Cyprus talks in Crans Montana, Switzerland, ended inconclusively. The peace talks under the auspices of the UN aim at reuniting the island under a federal roof.

Source: Cyprus News Agency