President Anastasiades gets positive response by EU leaders on Turkey’s violations in the Cypriot EEZ

EU partners responded positively to the President of the Republic, Nikos Anastasiades, following his intervention at the Sibiu Summit, something that will be reflected in a statement by the President of the European Council.

Speaking on Euronews, the President of the Republic of Cyprus, Nikos Anastasiadis, stated during the informal meeting of the EU27 in Sibiu, Romania, that “the European Council will monitor the issue of the Turkish challenges in the Cypriot EEZ either on 28 May we will have the extraordinary Council either in the June regular Council and, accordingly, the decisions will be taken “.

The President of the Republic asked what he had asked his counterparts at the Informal European Council and what was the response he had, the President said that “I have briefed on everything that has happened not only recently but all along on the challenges with Turkey, but in particular the very recent one, which in my view is a second invasion against the Republic of Cyprus in violation of international law, the Law of the Sea, etc” he stated.

“The response was positive from the point of view of the partners and a declaration will be made by the President of the European Council that will reflect this support to the Republic of Cyprus by its partners.”

Asked if he would call for something more practical from the EU, the President said that “I have been saying what I could ask from today. What matters is the European Councils position that it will be monitoring the issue either on 28 May when we have the extraordinary Council or the regular Council of June and, accordingly, the decisions to be taken will be made “.

He also added that “in my intervention I have presented examples where the EU, not for candidate countries, but for third states, have been specifically sanctioned for violations of international law”. He added that “I have very strongly intervened on Turkeys failure to meet its obligations as candidate country vis-A�-vis a Member State, demonstrating disrespect, if you wish, with its obligations vis-A�-vis not only the Member State but also Europe itself. “

The President said he pointed out to his counterparts that “Turkey does not seem to understand words” and strongly indicated that “in practice, the EU should demonstrate that, as it treats third countries, much more so and act for the Member States” noting that we are “a few weeks before the progress report on the accession negotiations”.

He concluded by saying that “since the European Council is only informal today and does not take decisions, no decisions will be made and if Turkey continues to violate international law, they will be taken in time”, noting that there will be follow-up of the issue at the Extraordinary Council of 28 May and then to the formal one to be held in June. “

Source: Cyprus News Agency