President Anastasiades expresses the hope reason will prevail at the Trilateral Meeting

President of the Republic of Cyprus Nicos Anastasiades expressed today the hope that reason will prevail at the Trilateral Meeting of the 25th of November and that the Turkish-cypriot side will not make claims that go beyond the appropriate framework within which the dialogue should take place.

Speaking to Cypriots living in Northern Greece, President Anastasiades said that he is expecting that five-party Meeting will take place in December. He added that Cyprus’ government is aiming at a solution to the Cyprus problem, which will give substantive answers to all the open issues as regards the functionality of the state, its European identity, its sovereignty and also as regards the presence of occupation troops.

President Anastasiades also noted that through coordinated action, the European Union has decided for the first time to take targeted measures against Turkey for its illegal actions in the Cyprus’ Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ), while the Cypriot government has succeeded Turkey’s denouncement by powerful states. He added that through the delimitation of the Exclusive Economic Zone with Egypt, Israel and Lebanon, the Republic of Cyprus succeeded to protect its sovereign rights.

Anastasiades underlined that although he wishes for a positive development as regards the solution of the Cyprus Problem, he is not willing to discard the verdict of the majority of the Cyprus Hellenism as expressed at the Referendum of 2004. In this context, Anastasiades expressed the view that any future solution must restore the trust of the Cypriot Hellenism to its viability, in order to vote for it.

Source: Cyprus News Agency