President acknowledges need for comprehensive response to addictions

President of Cyprus Nicos Anastasiades expressed on Wednesday the support of the government towards the Cyprus’ National Addictions Authority. Speaking during an event, at the Presidential Palace, in Nicosia, the President also said he was aware of the need to adopt a comprehensive response to tackle the problem, in line with other European countries.

Last November, he went on, the Cyprus Anti-Drugs Council evolved into Cyprus’ National Addictions Authority, the country’s top coordination authority to devise a national strategy to tackle various forms of addiction.

In 2018, state funding towards the authority increased to Euros 1.74 million, from Euros 1.33 million last year, the President noted.

He said moreover that various Ministries, forming the relevant National Committee, together with the Volunteer Commissioner are actively promoting the national strategy’s various goals, aiming to counter addiction. These include, among others, forging cooperation among various stakeholders, implementing training programs for social workers and carrying out awareness raising campaigns for pupils, students, soldiers and inmates to prevent the use of addictive substances.

Civil society is also engaged in this endeavor, according to President Anastasiades, in order to provide financial incentives for a smooth integration of ex users or users released from prison.

The President of the Republic said finally that the equipment of the Drug Law Enforcement Unit is being modernized, while cooperation with Customs and the Unit for Combating Money Laundering (MOKAS) is being upgraded in order to efficiently tackle drug trafficking and money laundering.

Source: Cyprus News Agency