Pompeo calls on Greece and Turkey to resolve disputes through diplomatic, not military means

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo called on Greece and Turkey to resolve maritime disputes in the Eastern Mediterranean through diplomatic, not military means.


“There are ways to resolve those maritime disputes. The answer isn’t through bullying or intimidation or use of military power, but through the normal mechanisms of the resolution of international disputes, especially those over rights,” Pompeo said during an interview with French radio INTER, adding that “there’s a set of rules”.


According to the official transcript of the interview, published today by the State Department, Pompeo was asked about mounting tensions between Turkey and Greece and criticism over the lack of strong US engagement and leadership on this crisis. Replying to the question, Pompeo said that both President Trump and he himself were very engaged and pointed to his recent visit to Cyprus.


“The President’s been very engaged, I’ve been very engaged, and my whole diplomatic team has been very engaged in this as well. In fact, I was in Cyprus less than, goodness, 48 hours ago in that very Eastern Mediterranean working on this problem set” he noted.


Pompeo added that US President Trump has spoken both with Turkish President Erdogan and Greek Prime Minister Mitsotakis “urging them to resolve their conflicts, their maritime dispute in a way that’s appropriate, consistent with international law.”


He went on to say that the answer to these problems isn’t through bullying or intimidation or use of military power, but through normal mechanisms and added that “there’s a process. We’ve urged every nation to reduce the tension, reduce their military footprint, and engage in a way that is diplomatic, not military.”


Source: Cyprus News Agency

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