Police step up security measures for second round of presidential elections

Police will step up security measures on Sunday, during the second round of the presidential elections in Cyprus and the Presidents proclamation ceremony.

Police Spokesman Andreas Angelides said yesterday during a press briefing that over 2,000 police officers will be on duty on Sunday to ensure that the election process runs smoothly.

Meetings were held on Wednesday and Thursday to discuss the additional security measures to be implemented until Monday morning and if necessary throughout the whole day.

Angelides added that the crisis centre will operate in Nicosia.

Additional security measures will be taken during the President’s proclamation ceremony which will take place at the “Tassos Papadopoulos – Freedom” Stadium, in Nicosia, he noted.

The measures aim at the protection of all citizens and the smooth running of the event, he said.

The Police Spokesman called on all citizens who will either attend the ceremony or will be passing through the area adjacent to the stadium at the time of the proclamation, expected to take place at 22.00 hours (20.00 GMT) on Sunday, to comply with police instructions.

He pointed out that people entering the stadium will undergo security checks and urged citizens intending to attend the proclamation ceremony to make their way there early.

Angelides further stressed that any kind of flares, firecrackers or other dangerous objects, posters or banners with abusive, racist or other offensive content will not be allowed in the stadium, nor will any slogans be allowed to be put up anywhere else in the stadium ground. He called on people to avoid carrying back packs or bags to the stadium.

Giant screens will be placed outside so that everyone who wishes can watch the proclamation ceremony, he said.

Asked whether drones will be used by the police, the Police Spokesman replied that all available technology will be used, adding that some measures will be implemented for the first time.

Replying to a question on two protests planned to take place on Sunday, in Nicosia and Limassol, he said that the police will handle the two events in accordance with the rules and regulations.

Source: Cyprus News Agency