Police report 29 citizens for violations of COVID-19 measures in a total of 2,147 checks

The Police carried out 2,147 checks for violations of COVID-19 measures and reported 29 citizens for not wearing a face mask and for violating the decree on curfew.


An officer at the Cyprus Press Office told CNA that in Cyprus the Police made 361 checks and reported 11 citizens, 9 for not wearing a mask and 2 for violating the curfew decree. In Limassol the checks were 595 and 4 citizens were reported mostly for curfew.


In Larnaka the Police conducted 390 checks and reported a customer who entered a kiosk without a mask.


In Paphos the checks were 260 during which the Police reported 7 citizens for not using a mask and in Famagusta the checks were 420 and 6 people were reported.


The Police made 88 checks in Morphou without reporting anyone.


The Marine Police carried out 33 checks.


Source: Cyprus News Agency

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