People who visit A and E Departments of their own accord will not be attended to, Ministry of Health says

The Ministry of Health has urged all citizens to follow the procedures in place if they present with suspicious symptoms, warning that people who do not follow the procedures outlined and visit Accident and Emergency Departments (A and E) of their own accord or following the verbal instructions of their personal doctor will not be attended to.

In a statement on Tuesday, the Ministry reiterates that if citizens present with coronavirus related suspicious symptoms, they should telephone their personal doctor and follow their initial instructions.

If the personal doctor considers the case needs further investigation, he or she will submit a relevant request to the Ministry’s Epidemiological Monitoring and Control Unit for Infectious Diseases, which in turn will contact the patient to arrange for an appointment in the public health clinics, on a priority basis.

Citizens who test positive for COVID-19 should isolate themselves at home and be under telephone observation by their personal doctors, who will instruct them accordingly.

The Ministry urges everyone to cooperate and to contribute in the effort to keep health professionals able to actively offer their services during this time.

For cases which are not urgent and are not related to coronavirus symptoms, citizens should be in touch with their personal doctors by telephone.

“Citizens will be offered services by doctors in their practice, only if their case is in the doctor’s judgement an urgent and serious incident following a telephone evaluation,” the Ministry says. If citizens cannot reach their GP or his replacement then they should inform the Health Insurance Organisation at [email protected]

It is further noted that only citizens who are not registered with a personal doctor should get in touch with the call center 1420 for further guidance.

“Citizens who bypass the procedure in place and visit A and E Departments of their own accord or following verbal instructions by their personal doctors will not be attended to,” the Ministry warns.

Source: Cyprus News Agency

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