Parliamentary trilateral meeting between Cyprus, Greece and Egypt achieved a lot in many areas

The promotion of the idea of establishing a Center for Middle East Cooperation between the Parliaments of the Middle East countries as well as deepening of the interparliamentary and bilateral cooperation in the fields of energy, tourism, education and culture between Cyprus, Greece and Egypt were the most important achievements of the 1st Trilateral Meeting of the Presidents of the Parliaments of the tree countries. The meeting held in Nicosia on Monday 11, 2019.

Speaking at a press conference on the results of the Trilateral Meeting, House President Demetris Syllouris said that the importance of the meeting lies in the fact that the engagement of the Parliaments into areas of cooperation between the three countries translates into a very strong promotion of the issues in the society. He stressed that the meeting was a success of the parliamentary diplomacy since the initiative belongs to the House of Representatives of Cyprus.

On the issue of energy, beyond the use of natural resources, the meeting covered the reflection on similar industries that can be developed, since the natural gas and the oil are not useful only as a source of energy but also can be the raw material for other products in the industry.

Regarding tourism, Syllouris linked the Memorandum signed between Cyprus House of Representatives and the House of China, and said that during the meeting he suggested that in future major international exhibitions for tourism there should be a joint booth for Cyprus Greece and Egypt. “Such a move will not only present a tourist product but will contribute to more practical cooperation in the area of tourism,” he said.

Syllouris said that the Trilateral Meeting also dealt with the issue of regional co-operation, and in particular with his suggestion to establish a Middle East Cooperation Center, despite the difficulties such an effort is expected to face. He noted that this suggestion was accepted on the basis of two axes, of the cooperation in a political level and in a technocratic level adding that the initiative has already begun with the discussion with two Middle Eastern countries, Kuwait and Oman. He expressed the conviction that in this endeavour many other countries of the Middle East will take part.

Source: Cyprus News Agency