Parliament calls upon international community to exert pressure on Turkey as regards Akkuyu Nuclear Power Plant

The House of Representatives unanimously adopted on Friday a resolution calling upon the international community, in particular the EU, to exert its pressure on Turkey so that Ankara does not proceed with the completion of a nuclear power plant in Akkuyu, situated in southern Turkey.

The House also called on the Russian Federation to change its position as regards the construction of the project.

In its resolution, the Cypriot Parliament noted that it follows with great concern the developments, which directly affect Cyprus due to its proximity to the Akkuyu area, the existence of strong winds and sea currents, elements that can maximize a possible disaster, not only in case of a strong earthquake, but also in case of a nuclear accident.

The resolution condemned Turkeys action to proceed with laying the foundation stone for the construction of the nuclear power plant, in April this year, ignoring the warnings of environmental organizations about the serious danger of such an action in the wider region.

It also recalled the violation by Turkey of the International Convention on Fire Safety, since it has not consulted its neighbouring countries on the location of the plant and the joint measures to limit the consequences in the event of an emergency or an accident.

The House warned that the implementation of Turkeys plans will directly put the countries of the Eastern Mediterranean before a radioactive threat, while there is risk of contamination of the Mediterranean Sea due to the transport of radioactive waste.

Source: Cyprus News Agency