Paphos journalists visit Amman

The unique culture and sights of Amman, Jordan were presented to during a trip organised for journalists of Paphos, on the occasion of the commencement of the Amman � Paphos route.

The Cyprus News Agency visited Amman during a trip organised by the Paphos Regional Board of Tourism with Ryanair to help promote the new Paphos � Amman route.

Journalists had the chance to take in the unique Jordanian culture and philosophy which combines tradition and contemporary.

Mahmoud Freihat, Area Marketing Manager of the Jordan Tourism Board (JTB) which prepared the journalists’ itinerary, referred to the JTB’s collaboration with the Paphos Board which resulted to the introduction of the Paphos � Amman route.

The aim, he added, is to formulate a plan for an exchange of visits to make the route a viable option.

Already tourist officials from both sides exchanged visits. The Paphos delegation met with the Amman local authorities and tourist agents who helped make the new route possible.

Similar meetings took place in Paphos with the Mayor and the Regional Board of Tourism where mutual understanding was achieved and decisions were taken to continue mutual activities.

Source: Cyprus News Agency