Pafos mosque can be used with safety during Ramadan, Ministry says

The Department of Public Works has managed to get the contractor responsible for the project of restoring the mosque in Pafos to complete construction work so that it can be used with safety during Ramadan, a Ministry of Transport, Communications and Works press release says.

The project was part of the general project of the unification of archaeological sites in Kato Pafos and it included the restoration of both the inside and outside area of the site of worship of Pafos Muslims, the press release explains.

Despite delays in the project, the Department of Public Works, respecting the request of the Muslim community to secure a comfortable and safe site in order for them to exercise their religious rights and given that it was not possible to find another site managed “to get the contractor to go ahead with construction work in the mosque so that it may be completed and used with safety during Ramadan,” the press release concludes.

Source: Cyprus News Agency