Owner of Cyprus Robotics Tezel Celebi Gave a Conference in EMU

Organised by the Eastern Mediterranean University (EMU) Faculty of Engineering, Electrical and Electronic Engineering Department, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Applications event hosted the owner of Cyprus Robotics Company Tezel Celebi as the speaker. The event was held at the EMU Faculty of Engineering, Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering Amphitheatre. EMU Faculty of Engineering, Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering Chair Prof. Dr. Hasan Demirel, lecturers, research assistants and students attended the event. Tezel Celebi, owner of Cyprus Robotics, stated that machine learning is a branch of artificial intelligence which includes methods or algorithms in automatic model creation through data.

Machine Learning Explained

Stating that the machine learning system, unlike a system that performs certain tasks, performs its learning on the experiences it has gained, Celebi emphasized that when the machine is given specific tasks, it accomplishes these tasks by choosing the same path each time. However, in machine learning with artificial intelligence, Celebi emphasized that as the experience related to the task increased, the problem solving methods of the machine changed and developed.

The conference focused on what artificial intelligence machine learning is and how machines learn. Tezel Celebi spoke about the software and hardware used to establish communication between the machine learning system and electronic devices. Tezel Celebi also performed a demonstration with integrated circuits that accelerate artificial intelligence.

Source: Eastern Mediterranean University