Over 46,000 volunteers in Let’s Do It, Cyprus!

Over 46,000 volunteers participated in this year’s campaign to clean the environment Let’s Do It, Cyprus!, which took place on April 29 with an aim to cultivate awareness regarding the need to protect, conserve and sustainably manage the land and marine environment.

According to a press release, this campaign had the most volunteers since 2012, when the annual event began.

In 2012, 4,000 volunteers participated or 0.4% of the population, 10,000 volunteers in 2014 or 1.2% of the population, 9,500 in 2015 or 1.1%, 15,000 in 2016 or 1.8%, 35,516 in 2017 or 4.2%, and 46,185 volunteers in 2018 or 5.5% of the population.

This year’s volunteers were divided into over 500 groups, which gathered 4,456 bags of mixed waste weighing 31,194 kg, as well as 2,661 bags of PMD waste weighing 18,627 kg.

Among the volunteers were 46 municipalities or 41% of Cyprus’ municipalities, as well as 61 communities or 18% of the communities.

Furthermore, 18% of schools participated, specifically 46 nursery schools, 102 elementary schools, and 29 high schools.

Among the volunteers were 16 companies, over 80 NGOs and other groups, over 50 Scouts groups, over 60 National Guard teams, and seven teams of divers.

Source: Cyprus News Agency