Over 2,000 police officers on duty to ensure smooth election process

Over 2,000 police officers are on duty in Cyprus today in order to ensure the smooth running of the election process, which will conclude with the proclamation of the new President for the next five years, at the “Tassos Papadopoulos – Eleftheria” stadium in Nicosia.

Additional security measures are expected to be taken at the stadium.

Police Spokesman Andreas Angelides has told journalists at a briefing earlier this week that over 2,000 police officers will work today who will also be expected to have extra duties, including policing polling stations and patrolling.

A crisis centre will operate in Nicosia, and the Chief of Police will be briefed on the situation at all times. The aim is to serve citizens taking part in the election process and at the same time ensure their safety, Angelides said.

Police have said that additional security measures will be in place in view of the proclamation ceremony, with security screening and body searches, on site.

Police urge citizens wishing to attend the ceremony to arrive early and avoid taking with them back packs or bags or to have on them valuables or other objects which may cause delays in the security clearance process.

Citizens who will either attend the ceremony or will be passing through the area adjacent to the stadium at the time of the proclamation, expected to take place at 22.00 hours (20.00 GMT) on Sunday, are asked to comply with police instructions.

Any kind of flares, firecrackers or other dangerous objects, posters or banners with abusive, racist or other offensive content are strictly forbidden.

Giant screens will be placed outside the stadium so that everyone who wishes can watch the proclamation ceremony, Angelides told journalists.

Source: Cyprus News Agency