Our proposal aims to break the impasse and create prospects for a solution, President says

Our proposal is an absolutely serious one and aims to break the impasse and create prospects,” Cyprus President Nicos Anastasiades said on Wednesday, pointing out that if there are some who do not want to accept the justified concerns of the Greek Cypriots and are trying to create a different picture, this is a problem which they themselves have to solve.

In statements after the conclusion of the evening session of the Conference on Cyprus on Wednesday, Anastasiades said that his proposal aims to overcome the problems which are considered to be insurmountable but are in fact a sine qua non for the Greek Cypriot community.

“At the same time the proposal aims at meeting the Turkish Cypriots concerns as well. It is a genuine proposal expressing our clear interest and determination to find at long last a settlement of the Cyprus problem. The rest which I hear are not consistent with the common goals,” he added.

“Our goal,” he stressed, “is a final solution to the Cyprus problem in a way that will be fair to everyone.”

For some others though, he noted, the solution would be on the basis of what they believe is just.

Asked by Turkish and Turkish Cypriot journalists to make a statement in English, Anastasiades said that he made a proposal to pave the way for further progress, “to meet the concerns of the Turkish Cypriots but at the same time not to ignore the concerns of my community.”

Asked if his proposal has been rejected, the President said ones responses would indicate whether his proposal has been either accepted or rejected.

Invited to say if the Turkish side has made a proposal, Anastasiades said they did not.

UN-facilitated peace talks began in Crans-Montana on June 28 to help find a negotiated settlement that would reunify Cyprus, divided since the 1974 Turkish invasion.

Source: Cyprus News Agency