One thousand boxes with daily necessities to be sent to Greece on Saturday

One thousand boxes with products of daily necessities, donated by Cypriots, will be handed over to the Co-ordinating Center of the Attica region in Greece, tomorrow, Commissioner for Volunteerism and Non-Governmental Organizations, Yannis Yiannakis, has told CNA.

Yiannaki, who will travel tomorrow to Greece, said that apart from the 1,000 boxes, they also collected clothes to be sent to the fire-stricken Greeks, as well as tones of pharmaceuticals.

He also said he will convey a message from the President of the Republic of Cyprus Nicos Anastasiades regarding the measures taken by the government of Cyprus to support those affected. The government has deposited in a special account 10 million euro to help the effort for reconstruction and appealed to people and businesses to add to this amount. The funds collected will be allocated to special projects.

Yiannaki said that the items collected will be shipped in two installments. The first installment leaves tomorrow morning from Larnaca to Athens, while the second leaves at midday on the same day. The Commissioner said that they will deliver the first installment to the Coordinating Center of the Attica Region, where a delivery ceremony will take place.

Yiannaki told CNA that Cyprus has focused on the real needs, as determined by the Greek authorities, which are mainly dry food, childrens items, long-life milk, diapers and baby wipes.

“In Cyprus there was a tsunami of love he said, adding that there are construction companies and volunteers in Cyprus who want to support and contribute, as well as Cypriots who expressed willinigness to host families and children.

“There are many such requests. I will convey them, but it depends on the Greek authorities on how to manage them and which needs they have,” he said.

The fires have killed more than 80 people and injured more than 190, Greek officials announced, while dozens are missing. Over 1,000 houses have been totally destroyed by the fire. They also said that there are serious indications that the devastating fires in Kineta and Kalitexnoupoli are the result of criminal acts and specifically arson.

Source: Cyprus News Agency