One death and 35 new cases of COVID-19 announced by Cyprus authorities

 Authorities in Cyprus announced on Sunday one new death, and confirmed 35 new cases of COVID-19, out of a total of 530 laboratory tests conducted on Sunday.

Dr. MariosLoizou, SHSO’s (State Health Services Organisation) Scientific Director of the Nicosia directorate said that the latest victim was a man, aged 68, hospitalized at the ICU of the Nicosia General Hospital. With him, the death toll rose to 6 in the free areas of the Republic, with five men and one woman, with an age average of 64. Four of them were suffering from underlying health conditions.

Speaking during a press conference at the Ministry of Health, Dr. LeontiosKostrikis, member of the Advisory Body on the pandemic said that a total of 530 laboratory tests were conducted on Sunday. Of the 35 people who tested positive, two returned to Cyprus form European countries, while another 31 people were traced as contacts of people who were already confirmed to be positive to COVID-19. The medical record of another two people is being investigated.

Kostrikis also said that the total number of confirmed cases rose to 214, including 5 people in the British Bases. They were detected after conducting 6,447 laboratory tests at the Cyprus Institute of Neurology and Genetics and at the Microbiology Department of the Nicosia General Hospital. Some 126 out of 214 cases are contacts, he added.

Kostrikis also said that 18 people who were diagnosed with COVID-19 and were hospitalized, have now recovered.

It seems that the transmission of the virus takes place within the family, and this shows that no appropriate protective measures are being taken, Kostrikis added.

“We all need to understand that it makes no sense to confine ourselves at home and at the same time organize family gatherings, dinners and parties with friends,” he noted.

Moreover, he urged citizens to act responsibly, to be careful and to confine themselves a home, adding that there is still great danger.

“Today we have a record” with 35 new cases, the highest daily number ever announced in Cyprus, Kostrikis noted.

He said that people who are found positive to COVID-19 need to be very careful not to spread the virus to others.

If we see that things are getting out of hand, I would not be surprised if the President of Cyprus decided to enforce stricter measures, he noted. “If we can’t manage to contain the epidemic, then stricter measures will come into force,” Kostrikis added.

Replying to a question, Kostrikis said that it was difficult to predict the trajectory of the curve of COVID-19 and said that he expected more results in the coming days to decide whether we are close to its climax.

Dr. MariosLoizou said that until 15.00 (local time) on Sunday, 26 people were hospitalized at Famagusta General Hospital. Five of them remained at the ICU. Three people were discharged from the hospital.

Nine people remain intubated, six of them at the ICU of Nicosia General Hospital and three at the ICU of Limassol General Hospital. Their health condition is stable but crucial, Loizou noted.

He also said that the Advisory Body on the pandemic prepared guidelines on how to treat patients affected with the SARS-CoV-2 virus.

These guidelines will be adjusted according to the scientific documentation as a result of ongoing clinical studies, Loizou said.

He also spoke about the impact of the virus on the society and the health system, saying that people’s daily routines have been significantly disrupted, with fear and uncertainty now being part of their lives.

He also said that medical staff working at hospitals bears the brunt. Every time we go for work we see the agony of our relatives in their faces and when we return home we see happiness mixed with sorrow, he said.

The fight waged by hospital personnel, particularly doctors and nurses, is a difficult and dangerous one,Loizou went on, adding that people give their 100% in this effort.

“We thank them from the bottom of our hearts,” he said adding that it is difficult to fight the unpredictable every day at work.

He finally expressed hope that efforts will bear fruit and the necessary protective wear will arrive, in order to keep hospital personnel at the front line safe.

Source: Cyprus News Agency

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