OConnect Opens Up New Trade and Economy Possibilities in Iran, Seeking Opportunities in Furniture Industry in Middle East Market

TEHRAN, Iran, Sept. 21, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — Global OConnect, an unprecedented cross-border e-commerce platform committed to connecting global businesses with China, is launching the Foshan Household Essentials (FHE) brand experience center in Tehran, Iran from September 25 through December 25, taking a major step to introduce Chinese companies to Iran to explore further business opportunities.

With a total area of 5,200 square meters, the center is hosted at Behnoush Building, 9km Jade Makhsos Karaj, Kheyabane Shahid Mohammad Pur in Tehran to display a wide array of household essentials from Foshan, among which the general Foshan furniture industry’s brand presentation will last one year.

The endeavor is part of Global OConnect’s grand plan to bring business opportunities and partnerships for Chinese brands in Iran and the Middle East, with an aim to change how Iranians think of “made-in-China” products in the past as cheap and low quality by introducing the new, best quality products and brands from China.

The FHE will facilitate both online and offline events to highlight China’s furniture manufacturing base and Foshan’s booming household essentials businesses. The three-month exhibition will feature 19 top Foshan furniture companies including Foshan Qixin, Dongmin and Qi He Furniture Company, 12 leading ceramic companies such as Monalisa Group, Foshan Dongpeng Ceramic Company and Foshan Nanhai Sannora Sanitary Ware Company, as well as 32 major household appliance companies including Midea, Galanz and Foshan EPDA Electronic Technology Company, all internationally-acclaimed brands that can represent the high-quality of “New Made-in-China” products.

“Foshan has gained strategic advantages that are supported by a whole industry chain, rich resources and innovative thinking. Through introducing products of quality from Foshan, we want to reverse the stereotype of China products that are cost effective and present a new image of Chinese brands to the Iranian market through our groundbreaking e-commerce platforms that combine online business with showroom displays,” said Kevin Fenn, founder and Chairman of Global OConnect.

This win-win China-Iran partnership in the furniture industry paves the way for leading Chinese industries to research the Iranian market. It is also a milestone in China-Iran cooperation in trade and the economy, a mutually beneficial collaboration that introduces high standard industries from China and encourages Chinese manufacturers to seek opportunities globally.

With Guangdong Province signing an agreement to expand cooperation with Qeshm Island, one of Iran’s free trade zones, earlier this year, Global OConnect’s innovative foreign trade platforms will further develop individualized plans for Foshan and more of China’s competitive industries to enter the emerging markets in Iran and the Middle East by integrating all resources of logistics, custom clearance, payments, localized legal, branding, market survey and other services to provide comprehensive solutions for Chinese companies to promote their businesses and to develop future investment plans.

The second largest economic power in the Middle East after Saudi Arabia, Iran is fully recovering from recently-lifted economic sanctions and has great market potential. Trade between China and Iran presents an unprecedented opportunity. Global OConnect will not only bring investments and create more job opportunities in Iran and the Middle East in this context, but also establish new trade and investment landmark in the dynamic and promising regions.

About Global OConnect

Established in 2015 and partly funded by the state, Global OConnect Cross-Border E-commerce Co. Ltd. is an essential and organic component of China’s national economic strategy of going abroad. The company’s mission is to introduce China-made products globally in a more interactive and efficient way.