OConnect Inaugurates Foshan Household Essentials’ Brand Experience Center in Iran, Bringing in Chinese Investments

TEHRAN, Iran, Sept. 23, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — China’s top cross-border e-commerce company Global OConnect will bring its new Foshan City home furnishing concept to the Iranian capital Tehran on September 25, expanding its overseas trade exhibitions.

The experience center is located at Behnoush Building, 9KM Jade Makhsos Karaj, Kheyabane Shahid Mohammad Pur, and is divided into two parts. The first contains household electrical appliances, building and sanitary materials and home furniture products, and will be showcased until December 25, 2016. The second aims to introduce the theme of Foshan Household Essentials (FHE) into the Iranian market during the next 12 months.

Participating Chinese companies will also conduct field research and visits to decide if and when to build local factories, investing in Iran’s potential markets directly.

Foshan municipal government has shown great support for the showroom and related investing opportunities, based on new economic relationships between two countries. As a result of the lifting of western sanctions, China promised to increase bilateral trade volume to USD600 billion over the next ten years.

Governor of Guangdong Province Zhu Xiaodan later signed a memorandum of understanding to promote partnerships between free trade zones of Guangdong and Qeshm, an important Persian Gulf coastal city. The provincial government also sponsored the setting up of experience halls in Iran, in order to further market the competitive advantage of the home furnishing industry in Foshan City.

Foshan neighbors two Chinese strategic ports, Guangdong City and Hong Kong, and is historically famous for high-quality yarn and pottery. Its Longjiang Town is best known as the most trustworthy producer of Oriental-styled furniture in China. Taking advantage of such popularity, Foshan has managed to increase export volume and is also committed to encouraging Chinese companies to invest overseas.

Established in 2015, OConnect has successfully established experience halls in Russia, UAE, Poland, Vietnam and Canada. Besides being able to see and examine products they may want, local retailers can also take full advantage of real-time communication before signing contracts, which clears the way for improved cooperation in future.

With Chinese companies setting up factories in Iran after the exhibition, the company is committed to bring in the brand new concept of “21st Century Made-in-China”, showcasing the integration of technology, design and quality of modern Chinese manufacturing.