Nostos II: Joint Cyprus – Greece – Egypt diasporas initiatives discussed in London

Government officials from Cyprus, Greece and Egypt have jointly met with doctors and tourism professionals of the three countries’ diasporas in London to discuss practical cooperation on health and tourism.

The round table discussion was held on Tuesday morning at the Cyprus Republic’s High Commission building under the umbrella of Nostos II, a trilateral programme aiming to bring the three diasporas together.

The Presidential Commissioner for Overseas Cypriots Fotis Fotiou represented Cyprus, and was joined by Greece’s Deputy Foreign Minister Terens Quick and Egypt’s Minister of Immigration and Expatriates’ Affairs Nabila Makram.

They were first joined by Cypriot, Greek and Egyptian doctors working in the UK and they discussed ways of them using their scientific expertise in advancing healthcare in the three countries, but also working together on research programmes.

The second session of the event included a round table discussion with tourism professionals who provided a valuable insight on how the diasporas of the three countries can work together to promote their touristic product.

Fotiou said: The Nostos II programme is a reality. Following the great success of the first Nostos meeting in Alexandria we are now here in London among distinguished doctors, who have been universally recognised and awarded, as well as distinguished entrepreneurs who deal with tourism. The most important thing for us is that this time we are among the diasporas of our three countries.

This is one of the most significant goals of this trilateral cooperation, to bring our diasporas together, to bring our youth together. And this is why we have decided that in the near future there will be actions and events that concern our young people in the diaspora. We want to bring them together, to have them meet our cultures.

And we have also decided that Nostos III will take place in the coming year. It is a collaboration that will continue, because we believe that the issues of diaspora are such that can contribute in enhancing relations between the three countries and promote our countries’ interests in the best way possible.

The Presidential Commissioner also noted that Cyprus, Greece and Egypt remain the most important pillars of stability, security and peace in the region; and that’s why the leaders of the three countries insist on the close cooperation, because this is the big goal in the region.

Mr Quick described Nostos II as another big step towards a closer trilateral relationship in terms of diasporas. He stressed the need to make good use of the many distinguished Greek, Cypriot and Egyptian scientists and professionals living abroad. He added that the message to be passed to the diasporas members is ‘bring a friend with you when you come to visit your country’.

The importance of the Nostos programme and of mobilising the members of the three diasporas in working together was also highlighted by the Egyptian Minister, Mrs Makram.

The three politicians also held a meeting with the chairs of the respective All-Party Parliamentary Groups at the Houses of Parliament on Tuesday afternoon.

Fotiou also has scheduled separate meetings in London on Wednesday and Thursday.

Source: Cyprus News Agency