No third country can guarrantee peace, stability and prosperity to the Western Balkans, stressed President Anaastasiades

The EU is the only credible partner to guarantee peace, stability and prosperity of our peoples, “said President Nikos Anastasiades today in his speech at the EU-Western Balkans Summit in Sofia, Bulgaria, clarifying that “no third force can deliver a promising future for the wider region and we all know that very well”, stressing that “through its actions, the EU must see how it will prevent the possibility of third party interventions”.

The President of the Republic, Nikos Anastasiades, drew the attention of the EU partners to Turkeys attitude in the region, telling his counterparts that “we are watching with concern – and we have to discuss the role of some states, such as Turkey, and the extent to which this role can act destabilizing for the Western Balkans and around”, revealing that on the pretext of protecting minorities in reality, Turkey is threatening stability in the region.

In particular, Nikos Anastasiades clarified to his counterparts that “besides the very specific and extremely serious issues, such as terrorism, organized crime and others, he should mention the question of the inflated – sometimes we find it orchestrated – penetration of third countries in the region of the Western Balkans, but also how it affects or potentially affects Europe itself. “

The President of the Republic said, inter alia, that he considered it “self-evident and acceptable to all of us that the geography of the Western Balkans, a region with which five of the EU member countries share land borders, make the concept of EU security inseparable from security in the Western Balkans”.

“We all agree that the Western Balkans are geographically, historically and culturally in Europe” the President said in his speech. “Their future can therefore only be European and todays Summit is a reaffirmation of this fact, which is why I would like to congratulate my friend the Prime Minister of Bulgaria on the initiative of this summit,” he said and pointed out that “the challenge for the EU is to persuade the citizens of the countries of the Western Balkans themselves that the EU countries want to welcome them within it and that the sacrifices resulting from the necessary reforms to be accomplished will not be left without recognition.”.

The President continued by saying that one of the most important issues is “an EU action to strengthen connectivity, in all its dimensions, both within the Western Balkans and with the EU”.

“As an island state, we fully understand, share and support the importance of creating a strong network of interconnections and capabilities in key sectors of transport, energy, and the digital, economic and human sectors,” he explained to his counterparts.

“Connectivity is also vital to strengthening the regions security and political stability, as well as to promoting good neighborly relations,” he said.

The President of the Republic Mr. Nikos Anastasiades departs late tonight from Sofia. In Sofia, the President was accompanied by the Government Spokesman Prodromos Prodromou, the Permanent Representative of the Republic to the EU Mr. Nikos Emiliou and the Ambassador of the Republic in Sofia Stavros Avgoustidis.

President Anastasiades will be in Cyprus tomorrow morning.

Source: Cyprus News Agency