No other option for Cyprus than reunification, President stresses

The status quo in Cyprus, the island’s division or non-functioning solutions are not acceptable, President Anastasiades stressed Thursday, adding that the island’s reunification is not an option but the only way.

Addressing a lunch hosted in Nicosia by the Embassy of Bulgaria in Cyprus, ahead of the conclusion of the EU Bulgarian Presidency, President Anastasiades reiterated his readiness to resume settlement talks.

Furthermore, he underlined his firm commitment to negotiate a Cyprus solution, in line with the 6 points the UN Secretary-General laid out in his framework last summer, as well as on the basis of UN resolutions and EU principles.

According to an announcement by the Presidency of the Republic, the President expressed hope that a special envoy of the UN Secretary-General will arrive soon, to see whether the necessary conditions for the resumption of talks are in place.

It is very important for all sided to refrain from actions that could have a negative impact on the resumption of talks.

The President of the Republic stressed moreover that Turkey needs to allow Cypriots to negotiate and reach a Cyprus settlement. All member states and the EU as a whole have a role to play in this, by contributing to efforts leading to the island’s reunification, he added.

Reunification is not an option, but the only way that will lead us to prosperity the President underlined.

He also said he is resolute in promoting regional cooperation and efforts leading to peace and stability, security and prosperity in the wider Eastern Mediterranean region.

The discovery of hydrocarbons in the region, he went on, could become a tool for cooperation and synergies, aiming at attracting foreign companies and investments.

He also noted that trilateral cooperation schemes, which Cyprus has developed in cooperation with other countries, do not turn against any third countries, but comprise rather tolls for promoting cooperation among Eastern Mediterranean countries and the EU.

The President finally congratulated Bulgaria for the successful organization of the Presidency of the Council of the EU.

Source: Cyprus News Agency