No meeting between ENI and Turkish Cypriot politician, Italian company assures the Republic of Cyprus

Italian energy company ENI has informed the Republic of Cyprus that no meeting has taken place between a delegation of the company headed by CEO Claudio Descalzi and the so called foreign minister of the Turkish Cypriot puppet regime in Cyprus Turkish occupied areas, Kudret Ozersay, as reports in Turkish and Turkish Cypriot media suggested.

The Embassy of the Republic of Cyprus in Rome has been informed by ENI that no such meeting took place, a government source in Nicosia told CNA invited to comment the reports. Meanwhile a spokesman for ENI also told CNA, replying to a question about the media reports and asked if such a meeting has been held, that he was not aware of such a meeting.

Saipem 12000, conducting drilling operations on behalf of Eni in Cyprus’ Exclusive Economic Zone, had to halt its transfer journey to a new location on Friday 9 February when it was stopped by Turkish military ships with a notice not to continue because there would be military activities in the destination area. Saipem 12000 has planned drilling operations on behalf of ENI in block 3 of the Republic of Cyprus’ EEZ.

Cyprus has been divided since 1974 when Turkey invaded and occupied its northern third.

Source: Cyprus News Agency