Nine candidacies submitted for the 2018 presidential elections

A total of nine candidacies were submitted on Friday, for the 2018 presidential elections.

The candidacies were submitted at the Filoxenia Conference Center and the procedure was concluded around noon.

Incumbent President Nicos Anastasiades who seeks relection for a second term was the last to submit his candidacy. The rest of the candidates were:Haris Aristidou, Christakis Kapiliotis, Andreas Efstratiou , Michalis Mina, ELAM President Christos Christou, Stavros Malas, who is running as an independent and is supported by the main opposition AKEL party, Democratic Party leader Nicolas Papadopoulos, who is backed by socialist EDEK, the Environmentalists and Solidarity Movement, and George Lilikas, President of Citizens’ Alliance.

Each candidate had to pay the amount of 2 thousand euros as a fee, and for each candidacy documents had to be signed by 101 voters. One of them proposes the candidacy and the other 100 support it.

Head of the Election Service Dimitris Dimitriou said that according to the law there is a six hour deadline to submit any objections. He also said that within the day the draft of the ballot paper will be ready and tomorrow it will be presented at a meeting with the representatives of all nine candidates.

Asked about the order of the names on the ballot paper, he said that the according to the law, candidates who run as party candidates are listed first, this means Michalis Mina and Christos Christou will be first, then followed by candidacies backed by party alliances, namely Nicolas Papadopoulos will follow and then all independent candidacies in alphabetical order.

The election of the new President of the Republic for the next term in office, covering the period from 2018 to 2023, will take place on January 28, 2018. A run off election is set to be held on February 4, 2018, if necessary.

Source: Cyprus News Agency