Nicosia Municipality supports local “Earth Hour” message for plastics reduction

The Municipality of Nicosia, has announced that it once again supports the international campaign Earth Hour, the local team of which has set a target for the reduction of single use plastic cups.

The annual international event on Earth Hour, a municipality press release says, will take place on Saturday, March 30, between 2030 and 2130 hours. The municipality will turn off the lights of its building in Eleftheria Square and urges all Nicosia citizens to do the same.

It furthers notes that the Earth Hour Cyprus team has set the reduction of single use plastic cups as a national target, contributing in this way to the change taking place and the connection of people with the earth.

It calls on everyone to carry their own reusable coffee cups in order to enhance the effort for reduction of the use of plastic and paper cups in cafeterias and elsewhere.

Earth Hour it notes sends a message of hope and action. Every action is important and all together we can reach the target, it concludes.

Source: Cyprus News Agency