Nicosia General Hospital in lockdown, more than 150 staff tested awaiting results

More than 150 staff of the Nicosia General hospital tested for the Coronavirus are expected to know the result within the day as the island’s main hospital is in lockdown for 48 hours.

Executive Medical Director, Leonideas A. Phylactou told CNA that the results will be announced officially by the Ministry of Health as they come out. All 152 cases concern the staff that work with the confirmed coronavirus 64-year-old doctor who was diagnosed on Monday.

Phylactou said he is also in close communication with the members of the bicommunal health committee and that he was officially informed this morning about the first Coronavirus case in the occupied north.

Meanwhile, Nicosia General Hospital remains closed for 48 hours after its doctor’s test was tested positive.

Visitors and patients who were not aware of the hospital’s closure arrived at the hospital only to be informed about the lockdown. The hospital is being fumigated.

After the first coronavirus case was confirmed, the Ministry of Health, the Ministry Epidemiological Surveillance Unit and the State Health Services Organization immediately activated the protocol for managing the patient`s close contacts.

Representatives of the Ministry, the Epidemiological Surveillance Unit and OKYPY held a meeting Monday night to determine further measures. It decided that all appointments, admissions and surgeries be postponed for the next 48 hours and review the situation.

The Cardiological Clinic is temporarily suspending its operation and all patients were discharged, according to their condition. Emergency heart surgeries will be performed by the private sector through the purchase of services.

Patients can only visit the ER in emergency cases. Those who travelled to affected areas in the last 14 days and have mild symptoms are advised not to visit hospitals but remain home and contact the 1420 hotline for instructions.

Citizens who have been in contact with confirmed cases of coronavirus are advised to remain home and also contact 1420.

Source: Cyprus News Agency