Newsletter – 1-2 February 2023 – Plenary session – Brussels

Digital workers: MEPs to vote on Parliament’s negotiating position

On Thursday, Parliament will decide whether to confirm the negotiating mandate for talks on new measures to improve conditions for workers on digital labour platforms.

Parliament to outline its priorities for the EU-Ukraine summit

Ahead of the EU-Ukraine summit in Kyiv on 3 February, MEPs will discuss how the EU can further support Ukraine in fighting against the Russian invasion.

MEPs to debate the reform of the EU’s migration and asylum rules

In a debate with the Commission and the Swedish Presidency on Wednesday afternoon, MEPs will outline their migration and asylum priorities ahead of the 9-10 February summit.

Political advertising: More fairness and transparency

MEPs will debate and vote on their negotiating position for talks with Council on tougher rules on paid political advertising.

Afghanistan: debate on repression and violence inflicted on women

On Wednesday, MEPs will look into the situation in Afghanistan, particularly the living conditions of women, stripped of their basic human rights and under constant threat of violence.

Money laundering: MEPs to quiz Council, Commission on naming new risk countries

In Wednesday’s debate, MEPs will discuss the addition of new entries to the list of countries considered to be a high risk for money laundering or terrorist financing activities.

Parliament’s proposals for a new EU decarbonisation industrial strategy

With the European Commission working on a strategy to boost the EU’s net-zero industrial sector, MEPs will set their own position in a resolution on Thursday.

Source: Cyprus News Agency