New US initiative on Palestinian issue to unfold in the next months, Palestinian Ambassador says

The present situation of the Palestinian – Israeli issue cannot be sustained any longer, the Ambassador of the state of Palestine in Cyprus Jubran Taweel said on Wednesday, noting that “there are signs that the US administration is working on a new initiative which would unfold in the next months.”

Speaking after a meeting he had with left-wing party AKEL General Secretary Antros Kyprianou, on the occasion of the International Day of Solidarity with the people of Palestine, Taweel said that “our struggle to achieve independence is a complex one and a long term one,” noting that without world pressure on Israel, this goal wont be reached.

The Ambassador said that Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas is on track to unify Gaza and the West Bank, with the reconciliation talks between Fatah and Hamas and stressed that “it is obvious to everyone that President Abbas is committed to non-violence.”

“All our efforts are committed to fostering peace and cooperation in the region, and to prevent terrorism. We believe that the only way forward is independence and the establishing of our independent state,” he underlined.

He noted that the latest regional developments have unfortunately pushed the Palestinian issue backwards. “We were not a proirity, while the rest of the world concentrated on fighting ISIS and on the situation in Syria. During this last period, we have focused on building the framework of the Palestinian state by joining several international organizations.”

The Ambassador said that this year marks one hundred years since the Balfour Declaration, setting in motion the process leading to the displacement and dispossession of millions of Palestinians over the course of then decades. “We have called upon the United Kingdom to apologize the compensate the Palestinian people and to immediately recognise the state of Palestine,” he went on.

Taweel noted that Cyprus is one of the first countries that recognized the state of Palestine in 1988 and always voted in favour of UN resolutions related to the Palestine question. He also noted that Cyprus always supports Palestine in the EU and note dthe similatities between the Cypriot and Palestinian people and their countries.

Furthermore he expressed deep appreciation to AKEL for organizing once again and continuing the tradition of the Solidarity Day in Cyprus.

On his part, Kyprianou said that the Palestinian issue is at the epicentre of the many problems which the troubled region of the Middle East and the Eastern Mediterranean is facing.

He stressed the need for a just settlement, through the restoration of the international law and the implementation of the UN resolutions. Furthermore he underlined that all UN member states must recognize the state of Palestine as an independent, sovereign, viable state with territorial integrity, within the 1967 borders, that has the East Jerusalem as its capital.

Source: Cyprus News Agency