New picnic site created in Troulloi village with the cooperation of the Embassy of Israel

A new picnic site in Troulloi village, which was created with the cooperation of the Embassy of Israel, the Forest Department and the local Community Council, was inaugurated today by the Minister of Agriculture, Costas Kadis, in the presence of the Israeli Ambassador, Oren Anolik. The picnic site was named “Israel Park” and the new forest in the area “Jerusalem Forest”.

Kadis said that the Israeli Embassy’s initiative to contribute with €35,000 for this project “confirms that the relationship between the two States extends beyond the pure political issues to other sectors and activities as well”. He expressed the Republic’s appreciation towards the Israeli Ambassador and added that this initiative, “in an area that has been suffering from fires and climate crisis for years, provides a clear message, that the protection of the environment is achieved under joint policies and actions”.

He also mentioned that the location selected for the implementation of the project is also connected to the Holocaust of European Jews during the Second World War and the support of Cyprus to Jews detained in the internment camp at the community of Xylotympou.

Kadis also stressed the importance of such a space in providing a relaxing outlet close to nature, both for visitors and locals, and emphasized the importance of such projects, reminding people of the importance and value of the natural environment, especially in times of climate change. He concluded that the efforts of the Forest Department to create new forests in the wider area have resulted to a unique green space of major importance.

Source: Cyprus News Agency