New edition of EU Common Security and Defence Policy handbook presented in Larnaka

The new edition of the EU Common Security and Defence Policy handbook was presented in Larnaka, on Wednesday, by Cypriot Defence Minister Christophoros Fokaides and Head of the European Security and Defence College Dirk Dubois during a press conference.

The handbook is the result of a joint effort between the Cypriot Ministry, the Austrian Defence Ministry and the European Security and Defence College and aims to create a common European culture in the area of Security and Defence.

During the event the Greek Cadet Academy, the University of Cyprus and the Open University of Cyprus signed bilateral agreements Erasmus+.

The European Security and Defence College (ESDC) has grown over the last couple of years significantly, Head of the European Security and Defence College Dirk Dubois said in his address, adding thatin the previous academic year we have trained, in 85 training activities, over 5 thousand people coming from EU member states, from EU institutions and also from third countries.

Referring to the contribution of Cyprus, he commended the Cypriot Ministry and the National Guard for having made a big contribution to the success of our activities, especially taking into account the size of the country.

Since 2009 Cyprus has offered in total 4 orientation courses either here on the island or in Brussels, he pointed out, thanking the Cypriot Minister for his personal support on the matter.

On his part Fokaides announced that an Academy on Security and Defence has been established in Cyprus while next month the Coordination of Crisis Management Centre Zenon will be inaugurated in Larnaka which will operate under the Defence Ministry and will host a series of seminars on crisis management with speakers experts from both Cyprus and Europe.

He also expressed the Ministrys commitment to promote a culture of collective security in Europe which is today faced with unprecedented threats and challenges endangering the essence of European culture and open democratic societies.

It is a fact that the new international EU practice has set a new ambitious level for a safer Europe and has paved the way for an enhanced common security and defence policy, he pointed out.

Our commitment remains strong and we will continue with similar initiatives, the Cypriot minister assured, adding that Cyprus has through a series of actions, by hosting seminars, joint educational exercises or other initiatives in cooperation with the European Security and Defence College has made its presence felt in the European fora.