“Neuter, Vaccinate and Let Live Project” Continues

A protocol to renew the Neuter, Vaccinate and Let Live Project that has been ongoing as a result of collaboration between the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC) Ministry of Agriculture and Natural Resources and the Eastern Mediterranean University (EMU) has been signed by TRNC Minister of Agriculture and Natural Resources Nazim Cavusoglu and EMU Rector Prof. Dr. Necdet Osam. The project that aims to increase the quality of life of stray animals was renewed from the 19th of December 2016.

Minister Cavusoglu: Being animal friendly is one of the criteria for a country to reach world standards

In his speech during the signature ceremony Minister Cavusoglu noted that sensitivity towards the environment and animal life is a measurement of how developed a country is, stating that cats and dogs are an irreplaceable part of nature. Noting that it is possible to feed animals if you have money, Cavusoglu highlighted the fact that providing love for them is what is important. Noting that the nurturing and vaccination of cats and dogs on campus will continue as part of the renewed protocol Minister Cavusoglu stated that protecting nature and maintaining the existence of animals are amongst the responsibilities of the ministry. Minister Cavusoglu noted: Being animal friendly is one of the criteria for the TRNC to reach world standards. I thank you as a university, for your performance in helping us fulfill this criteria. By valuing animals and acknowledging their right to live, you have shown that the world isn’t only ours but theirs also. During his speech at the signature ceremony, TRNC Minister of Agriculture and Natural Resources Nazim Cavusoglu stated that EMU is a university that brings to life Famagusta and the country as a whole. Minister Cavusoglu also said that he admired the university for carrying out the social responsibility project with stray animals at heart. Minister Cavusoglu thanked the university Rector, academicians, personnel and students, expressing his gratitude for the university which he described as a leader in the university sector.

Prof. Dr. Osam: EMU is ready to do all it can in terms of social responsibility

In a speech of his own, EMU Rector Prof. Dr. Osam highlighted the importance of the day as the university working to provide a new life opportunity for our animal friends living on campus. Noting that EMU is a university that values animals, Prof. Dr. Osam stated: The number of animal friends on campus is pretty high and they need support to live a normal life. For this reason we have been carrying a project for years with the TRNC Ministry of Agriculture and Natural Resources, to improve their living conditions. Prof. Dr. Osam stated that the renewal of the protocol is of great importance thanking Minister Cavusoglu for providing this opportunity. Prof. Dr. Osam noted that EMU is ready to do all it can in terms of social responsibility underlining the fact that they will always try to collaborate with official government agencies. Prof Dr. Osam conveyed the importance of obtaining pets from shelters or the university instead of purchasing them from pet shops noting that the university is against the sale of our animal friends. Prof. Dr. Osam requested that students and people who want to get a pet apply to the university or to a shelter.

Source: Eastern Mediterranean University