NASA, ESA top scientist to come to Cyprus for ‘Act in Space’ competition

A top NASA/ESA scientist will come to Cyprus for the European Space Agencys space start-ups competition Act In Space that will take place for the first time in Cyprus the weekend 26-27 of May. The organiser of the event is the Cyprus Space Exploration Organisation (CSEO).

Marcello Coradini, who was ESA Programs Coordinator at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) in Pasadena, California until end of August 2015, will attend the competition, guiding the contenstants.

This space competition is considered by CSEO to be the most important one in high technology and space innovation ever organized in Cyprus.

Coradini joined the European Space Agency in April 1987. As Coordinator of the Solar System Missions (1987-2010), he has been in charge of planning and overseeing the Solar System missions implementation at ESA. More recently, he led the ESA Exploration Program and contributed to the formulation and budgeting of the ExoMars 2016 and 2018 program.

In 1991, the International Astronomical Union has named asteroid 4598 after him for his contributions to asteroidal science and


“CSEO brings to Cyprus, during 26-27 May 2018, the 1st International Space Start-ups Competition – Act In Space – of the European Space Agency. It is an honour for Cyprus to host this competition in our country along with only 20 other countries globally” CSEO President Giorgos Danos told CNA.

Danos added that with this competition “we will promote technological innovation in Cyprus and form innovative start-ups in the top high-tech space sector, giving opportunities to the new generation and placing Cyprus dynamically in this captivating field”.

Designed for students but open to everyone, the objective of the competition is to foster entrepreneurship, encourage start-up creation and promote the use of space technologies and space acquired data to change citizen’s lives, to boost employment and to protect our planet.

The winning team from Cyprus will represent the island to the international competition in the Space City in Toulouse, France, where the first prize is a Zero-G flight.

The opening ceremony of the competition will be addressed by Minister of Transport, Communication and Works Vasiliki Anastasiadou, Mayor of Nicosia and Professor Coradini.

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Source: Cyprus News Agency