MP defends the right of Cyprus to determine its tax status in OSCE Parliamentary Assembly

Cypriot MP Charalambos Pittokopitis, defended the right of Member States of the European Union, especially small economies such as Cyprus, which are particularly affected by the economic crisis and the decision for Brexit, to preserve their flexibility to determine their tax status, in his intervention in the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly’s 2016 Autumn Meeting in Skopje.

According to an official announcement, in his intervention in the debate on “Good governance as a basis for promoting economic growth in the OSCE region,” Pittokopitis said that good governance is the cornerstone for well functioning democracies.

Noting the interdependence between political stability and economic growth, Pittokopitis highlighted the importance of the rule of law as a key factor in achieving sustainable economic growth, which as he said, should be reflected in the independent

Source: Cyprus News Agency.