Movement of Travelers, Dec 2019

The arrivals of travelers in December 2019 reached 273.714 compared to 234.214 in December 2018, recording an increase of 16,9%. The increase is mainly attributed to the return of residents of Cyprus (18,4%) as well as to the arrivals of tourists (3,5%).

For the period of January � December 2019 arrivals of travelers totaled 5.777.029 compared to 5.535.797 in the corresponding period of 2018, recording an increase of 4,4%. During the same period, an increase of 1,0% was recorded in tourist arrivals and 9,2% in the return of residents of Cyprus.

Concerning the departures of travelers, an increase of 18,2% was recorded in December 2019 as compared to the corresponding month of the previous year, as well as an increase of 4,4% for the period January � December 2019.

Source: Republic of Cyprus, Ministry of Finance, Statistical Service